Tabletkoulu is a Digital eLearning/Publishing company that has developed an IT system infrastructure that combines pedagogically designed learning material and a learning platform with an innovative and agile publishing concept that is able to provide support and cost effective teaching material. In addition, we are able to provide all curriculum based teaching material, taking into account other critical future learning skills and abilities.

Tabletkoulu means advanced learning and teaching. Elementary, middle and high school materials based on the Finnish National Curriculum Framework join with the limitless possibilities of the Internet. Tabletkoulu’s courses are based on the newest teaching methods to take advantage of technology: phenomenon-based learning, reverse learning, gamification, and collaborative and self-directed learning. They support individualized learning and help students develop skills that will be important in the future.
Our high-quality learning materials are produced by authors with extensive teaching experience and include many motivating exercises, taking full advantage of the possibilities the Internet offers. As a teacher, you can also add your own materials and exercises to our platform.

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